1999-2000 New Officers: Gene Healy, TP, Pres.; Dan Tuchenhagen, TR, Vice Pres.; Kay Randall, VDO, Secy/Treas.

1. Injured Player Policy: Voted to have the decision on replacement of injured players be left up to the captains.

2. The 3.5 and 4+ teams will begin using the 18 point tiebreaker on a trial basis.

3. Motion on team colors; to have home team wear white, defeated.

4. Motion passed to expand 18 point tiebreaker to 3.0 and will now include 3.0, 3.5 and 4+ play.

5. New match play log summarization forms were discussed.

6. The new Rules of Fair Play, Guidelines for EVSTL Team Captains, and Guidelines for Rating Committees adopted.

7. Motion to change team play dates was defeated.

8. President Healy asked all clubs to appoint a Computer Specialist to help our line of communication between clubs. Email is suggested to replace mailings.