1993-94 New officers: Pres. Bill Dolan, VP;
Vice Pres. Burt Kreiger, SV; Secy/Treas. Joan Dolan, VP.

1. Venture Out accepted as a Conditional Member Club. Their home games will be played at the Arizona Golf Resort.

2. A summary report from the Rating Evaluators Meeting indicated that self rating does not work, en-mass rating by a professional rater does not work, that an in park (own club) rating committee is preferred.

3. Now have eleven 3+ teams.

We now have EVSTL forms for score sheets, match play logs and team/club


5. By-laws amended to “...scorekeepers SHALL call out score” following each point.

6. Match Play Log Review Committee summary report finds dual rating of players,

“Ringers”, “Siamese Partners”, “Two Timers” and careless MPL preparation.