1992-93 New officers: Pres. Bill Thompson, MV; Vice Pres. Peter Gregory, CM; Secy/Treas. Dianna Kelso, SVE.

1. It was noted that the elected league president John Iacuessa passed away during the summer.

2. It was recommended that the 3.5 teams be allowed one court one 3.0 team play day. Discussed. Committee appointed to study new integration plan. Peter Gregory and Don Anderson comprise committee.

3. A committee was appointed to revise the Constitution and By-laws: Bill Dolan, VP; Wanda Johnson, CM; Russ Stewart, MV.

4. Nominating committee: Ed Crudup, VP; Bobbie Kreiger, SV; Ed Dunkel, CM.

5. Regular March meeting:

1. Read and approve proposed new Constitution and Bylaws.

2. Discussed and approved new 3+ team: to be included in league, playing 2 Men, 1 Women at 8AM Wednesday or as compatible with 3.0 team match that morning.