1991-92 New officers: Pres. Harvey McMains, RH; Vice Pres. Ed Crudup, VP; Secy/Treas. Wanda Johnson, CM.

1. Motion that minimum age 45 and resident requirements be dropped from By-laws – defeated 13-9.

2. Motion to allow each park rate their own players – passed 22---0.

3. Monte Vista rejoins league.

4. Proposed to allow 3.5’s be integrated into 3.0: No motion, tabled.

5. Team play day set: 2.0 Tuesday; 3.0 Wednesday; 2.5 Friday.

6. No nominating committee announced.

7. Regular March meeting:

1. Much discussion about parks with two teams of same level not being balanced.

2. The Resort joins league with one 2.0 and one 2.5 team.

3. Parks were asked to train scorekeepers.

4. 3.5’s ask for court time on league courts. Only VP and CM offered time.