1990-91 New Officers: Pres. Jerry Richwalski, SV; Vice Pres. (unknown); Secy/Treas. (unknown).

1. Discussion on “new league play format” voted to have a special meeting on subject.

2. Chris Langdon (GF pro) presented the “Domino Pizza League format” and explained the NTRP rating system.

3. Motion was passed to have all EVSTL players NTRP pro rated – passed 18—4.

4. Motion was made to have all EVSTL players NTRP pro rated before February 1, 1991 – passed 17----5.

5. Nominating committee appointed: Ed Dunkel, Bob Holtz and Harvey McMains.

6. Special meeting November 20, 1990:

1. Extensive discussion about new play format.

2. Motion to exclude 3.5’s from league passed 17---5.

7. Second special meeting: November 25, 1990:

1. New play schedule distributed: 3.0/2.5/2.0 only.

2. 3,5’s told to form own league, schedules, etc.

3. Monte Vista pulls out of league over rating issue.

8. Third special meeting: January 15, 1991.

1. No playing down.

2. Motion to allow own clubs to rate selves – defeated by narrow 12-10 margin.

3. Motion to return to A, B, C team format – defeated 13---9.

9. Regular meeting March 9, 1991.

1. Discussed minimum age, no change. Reminded all team members must reside in park for which they play.

2. Discussed problem throughout year of loading up teams.

3. Report of problems with players playing down.