1983-84 First meeting since October 18, 1980 (no minutes of others).


December 12, 1983 – elect new officers.

Pres. Joe Caruana, SV; Vice Pres. Ted Ryan, AW; Secy/Treas. Doris Blinn, MR.

1. Venture Out pulled out of league.

2. Sun Lakes no show for organizational meeting – out?

3. MR joined league with one team – B.

4. Voted NO refreshments.

January 8, 1984 special meeting.

1. Elect new Vice Pres. and Secy/Treas: Lionel Davenport, AW and Bonnie Okerlund, MR.

2. Voted to make refreshments “optional.”

3. Use regular tennis scoring – 2 sets, 12 point tiebreaker, 3rd set.

4. VO wants back into league, will have to play at Greenfield courts.

5. Do not use same players on both A & B teams.