1979-80 First meeting records (minutes) March 14, 1980.

1. Meeting at Apache Wells

2. Nine (9) members present.

3. Clubs represented were: AW, TP, SV, VO, Sun Lakes.

4. League Officers: Pres. Connie Conrad, SL; Vice Pres, Bill Christie VO; Secy/Treas. Al DuBois, AW.

5. Treasurer’s report: $1.90 – will cover this year’s mailing expenses.

6. Discussion: Problems of players playing both “A & B” matches.

October 18, 1980 Meeting:

1. Thirteen members present (one unofficially there).

2. Establish new match team requirements: 3M, 2W, 1 Mix.

3. Allowed teaching pros over 70 to play on a team.

4. Issued a standard EVSTL scorekeepers sheet.