Officers 2005-2006


Lloyd Gammon
(Carriage Manor)


7750 East Broadway Road,  #639 Mesa, AZ 85208

Vice President


Ann Mykleby
(Monte Vista)
373-9962 DBMABM@aol.com
8865 E. Baseline #1358   Mesa   85208 

Secy/ Treasurer

Pattie Hillstrom
641-0853 bphills77@hotmail.com
111 South Greenfield Rd., Lot # 326, Mesa, AZ 85206

Nancy Nicola (Viewpoint) 373-0555 nnicola@yahoo.com
E-Mail Coordinator

Henri Rochette (Valle Del Oro) 357-5518 HRochette@b2b2c.ca
1.5 Coordinator

Esther Emmott (Venture Out) 807-9019 bandee11@hotmail.com

Minutes of the EVSTL Fall Meeting

Thursday, October 27, 2005

4:00 – 5:12 P.M.

Social Hall @ Carriage Manor


President Gammon called the meeting to order and had everyone present introduce them selves.


Roll call was taken and all sixteen clubs were present and paid their annual $10.00 dues.


The Secretary read the minutes from the March 29, 2005 meeting and gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Both were accepted as read.


Max Bromell (LW) made a motion that the home park should have the right to evaluate the players if they belong on a 3.5 or 4.0 team in another park and the merging park must take all of the players at that level. The motion was seconded and passed.  This will be added to By-Law VII E.


Jack Williams (GV) spoke on the Coman Tiebreaker from the June 2005 Issue of the USTA magazine.


The Coman Tiebreaker is the same as the regular one except that you change ends following the first point and every four points thereafter. (1,5,9,13,17,etc.).  This rotation pattern addresses two problems.  First in a regular tiebreaker you don’t switch until six points have been played.  What’s wrong with that?  Well, if the conditions are bad on one side of the court, that players on that end could be at a disadvantage for most of the tiebreaker.  Because the Coman Tiebreaker calls for a change of sides earlier and more frequently, it prevents one team from staying too long on an unfavorable side.  Another problem with the regular tiebreaker is in doubles it forces servers to serve on the end of the court different from the ones they’ve served on during the set, possibly forcing players to deal with conditions they haven’t faced.  The Coman Tiebreaker prevents this and preserves the established serving pattern.


Jack made a motion for the EVSTL to adopt the Coman Tiebreaker.  Max Bromell seconded the motion and all 16 parks voted to use this tiebreaker.


Stan DuFrane (SVE) talked about the Christmas Mixed Doubles Tournament they will have December 27, 28 and 29, 2005.  He handed out information sheets to all of the Presidents so all parks are receiving this information at the same time.  It’s $10.00 per person.  Each level will be limited to 8 teams.  One check from each park must be submitted for all participating teams by December 2, 2005.  Any questions, contact Stan DuFrane 380-1935 or Dave Hughes 984-6077.


President Gammon discussed if it was really necessary to do match play log summarizations.  After some discussion, Judy Farr (VP) made a motion to eliminate the match play log summarizations and to discontinue having to send them to the EVSTL Vice President.  Darren Sipe (TP) seconded it.  The motion passed 10-5, 1 Abstained.  However, this cannot take effect until the By-Law V B 2 is amended.  This could be done at the January meeting.


President Lloyd announced that Bill Dolan passed away.


President Gammon announced that he would like to have a meeting at the end of January. We will announce where and when on the web site.


Esther Emmott (VO) asked Lloyd to announce that there is going to be a 1.5 Captain’s meeting at Venture Out in the Auxiliary Ballroom on November 10, 2005 at 4:00 P.M.


Judy Menish (VDO) volunteered for people to sign up that wanted Henri to add them to the EVSTL President’s group.


President Gammon also reminded the 4.0 Captains to borrow a 4.0 player who is sitting out rather than a 3.5 player of theirs that’s all ready played that week.  The object is to let everyone play.  He reminded the President’s to keep an eye on their Captains to make sure everything is running smoothly and fair.


Andy Brenden (SV) made a motion to adjourn and Brona Freeman (Silveridge) seconded it.


The meeting adjourned at 5:12 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,


Patti Hillstrom

EVSTL Secy/Treas


Treasurer's Report 01-03-2006

Balance on hand 10/02/05 $184.95
Scheduler's Expenses -$10.00
Paper products, cups, napkins, pop, etc -$30.17
Ink Jet for scheduler -$32.33
Ink Jet for Sec/Treasurer -$29.64
New Tape Recorder & Batteries -$26.64
New Tapes for Recorder -$1.66
Balance on hand $54.51

EVSTL Special Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2006

4:00 P.M., Social Hall

Carriage Manor

President Gammon called the meeting together and introduced the Officers. All 16 clubs were represented.

He then asked our VP, Ann Mykelby to go over our current census of EVSTL players. Since October 2001 to January 2006 we’ve added 576 players for a current total of 2611 players.

Everyone had read the minutes of the October 27th meeting posted on the website. Patti Hillstrom Sec/Treas gave the Treasurer’s report showing $54.51 in our account. She gave a detailed copy of it to Henri to put on the EVSTL website.

Under New Business every club voted to delete Trilogy from our EVSTL Constitution, as they are not a participating club in the EVSTL.

A motion was made by Mike Sisk CM and seconded by Judy Farr VP and carried 15-1 to Amend Article III A to read as follows: Three regular meetings will be held each League Season during the last weeks of October, January and March.

Max Bromell LW made a motion seconded by Pierre Pilon TR to amend Article IV B, By-Laws Election of Officers to read as follows: The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and a Scheduler. All 16 clubs voted for it and the motion was carried.

A motion was made and carried by all 16 clubs to amend the Constitution Article V to create E under Officers to include a Scheduler. A scheduler will also be elected every year along with the rest of the officers.

After a discussion was held on Duties of officers and regarding the log summarization sheets Judy Farr VP made a motion seconded by Brona Freeman SR to reverse it back to send the summarizations to the VP. 13 voted yes and 3 voted no. The motion carried.

Judy Farr VP made a motion seconded by Judy Menish VDO to delete under Article V to delete A 4 "The President’s duties to prepare and distribute League Team play schedules" from the President’s duties. The motion carried as all 16 Clubs voted yes as Nancy Nicola, our scheduler has been doing this for at least the last ten years.

Judy Farr VP made the motion seconded by Steve McDaniel SSV to create under Article V E. Scheduler. 1. Prepare and distribute League Team Play Schedules.

It passed unanimously.

A discussion was held regarding Article IX. G 3. Team Captains. Provide on court scorekeepers upon request for 3.5 and 4.0. It was decided to follow the By-Laws to provide scorekeepers for all levels but under the Rules of Fair Play, General Procedures and Courtesies state that scorekeepers are to be provided at all levels unless mutually agreed upon by Captains before the matches to forego scorekeepers.

Steve McDaniel SSV made a motion and Max Bromell, LW seconded it to add under Article VI Conduct of League Tennis Matches, to add M. In the event there is a conflict between EVSTL By-Laws and other EVSTL procedures, guidelines and/or policies, EVSTL By-Laws will prevail. 13 voted Yes and 3 voted No. The motion carried.

Ed DeWald VP said it stands to reason that if there are conflicts between the EVSTL By-Laws and procedures there should be a rewrite so there aren’t any conflicts.

Lloyd said we would take that up but it isn’t part of the motion that just passed.

A motion was made by Judy Farr VP and seconded by Mike Sisk CM to revise

By-Law VI L 3. to read: A player cannot be borrowed to play the # 1 position from another team excluding the 4.0 level. 15 voted yes. 1 opposed.

A motion was made by Judy Farr VP, seconded by Mike Sisk CM and passed to delete "total season" from Article 3C. Player Rating Procedures. And in the note to change the word "should" to "could".

After a discussion on Article VII Player Rating Procedures 3. Moving Up Criteria. A motion was made by Cal Walters GV and seconded by Mike Sisk CM that the word "should" be changed to "must".

6 clubs voted yes and 9 were opposed. 1 abstained. This motion was defeated.

Judy Farr VP discussed their fundraiser for the Cancer Foundation which they’ve done for the last two years and they would like to invite all of us to participate in this next year. If you’re interested please call Judy Farr at View Point.

Judy Menish SR asked how the league felt about bringing a player up a level that didn’t qualify according to the EVSTL qualifications, because they’re a small park and don’t have an equally good partner for that person to play with. It was suggested to move them up on a trial basis with the understanding that if they weren’t successful at the next level, they would move back down. The goal is to have everybody playing at the proper level.

Don Thompson SVE announced that he is the President of SVE effective immediately due to some medical problems Al Sondergaard is having so please change your address list to Don Thompson, President SVE, 8247 E. Laguna Azul Ave., Mesa, AZ 85209-5213, PH: 480-354-0825, Cell 480-241-7667, E-Mail: butler66@cox.net. Henri is also going to change this on the EVSTL website.

SVE’s VP is Vicky Dillon.

President Gammon feels we’re not using our courts completely. Please have your Captains call some of these other parks with people sitting out like VO. These matches do not have to count but we should try to let everyone in the league play.

He stated we would have our nominations in the March meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 5:29 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by

Patti Hillstrom

EVSTL Sec/Treasurer

P.S. Please note that the EVSTL March Meeting will be on March 27, 2006, at 10:00 A.M. in the Social Hall at Carriage Manor.

Also, please make the above notations for now in your By-Laws and Constitution. I will redo all of the By-Laws, Constitution etc after the March Meeting otherwise some things might be redundant.

Thanks, Patti


THURSDAY, March 9, 2006



President Gammon called the meeting to order with all 4.0 Captains represented in the EVSTL present with the exception of Venture Out.

Secretary Patti Hillstrom called Joan Malo, V.O.’S 4.0 Captain for this season after the meeting and was informed that they only have 12 Ladies and 12 Men and they’re not all there at the same time so they do not have any extra players.

After going through all of the Parks 4.0 players trying to be able to furnish some 4.0 men so Greenfield Village could have their own team again, it was decided all Parks are short players until January so it was decided that Greenfield Village will remain in the Pool until the first of the year. The EVSTL would need to come up with two 4.0 teams to prevent creating "Byes". Otherwise, more 4.0 players would be sitting out than there are now. Players in the GV pool were all called to play this past season, but the other parks felt calling each player was a hassle so Patti Hillstrom, GV, 641-0853, E-Mail: bphills77@hotmail.com volunteered to be the GV Pool Coordinator until the first of January, 2007 when we’ll review the Parks again to see if we can come up with two more 4.0 teams at that time.

Henri Rochette also created a 4.0 Captains email group for another form of communication to help eliminate so many phone calls. Please have every Park’s 4.0 Captain & Co-Captain email Henri to get into the E-mail group at: Hrochette@b2b2c.ca


Minutes of the EVSTL Spring Meeting

Monday, March 27, 2006

9:00 A.M.

The Card Room at Carriage Manor


President Gammon called the meeting to order and said that the Fall meeting would start at 1:45 P.M.  “D” on the agenda would be eliminated as the Christmas

Tournament proposal is not going to happen so SVE will have their Mixed Tournament on 12-27th just like they did last year.  SVE has been encouraged to have more entries, so next year they will have a satellite club and it’s either going to be Viewpoint, Sunland Springs Village or Carriage Manor.  You will be informed about that next November.


All 16 clubs were represented and turned in their Membership Club Information sheets except for SVE.


Everyone read the minutes from the January 30, 2006 meeting and they were accepted as posted.


Patti Hillstrom gave the Treasurer’s Report stating that our present balance is $42.51 and Patti gave a copy of it to Henri Rochette to post on the website.  Henri will also post all the Member Club information on the website.


Jim Miller VDO made a motion to allow AW to continue in the EVSTL as a conditional membership.  Andy Brenden SV seconded the motion.   The motion was carried as only 2 clubs opposed.


Lloyd announced that his designation of an Advisory Committee membership consists of Carriage Manor, Greenfield Village, Leisure World, Mesa Regal and Roadhaven.


Vice President Ann Mykleby gave a report on the statistics on Court 1 play.  She thanked all the clubs for turning in their # 1 stats.  Everyone was legal.  There are three people listed due to medical reasons, Dean Mortenson, VO will be having back surgery.  Bob Ramberg MV has been having small strokes and he’s going to get them checked out this summer and if he gets the doctors ok, he will move up to 3.0 and John Hillemon TP is a diabetic.  He does not want to play out of Park, but MR has invited him over to play 4.0 with them.  It seems that Parks aren’t moving up players as fast as they used to.  Ann thinks it’s because we’ve added 600 players since October 2001.  She thinks we’re more in line with the USTA ratings and she feels everyone is doing a very good job.  Ann thanked everyone for doing a great job.


President Lloyd said at the last Executive Committee they discussed the EVSTL Rules of Fair Play and since they were the same as the By-laws, the committee felt it was redundant to have both of them.  Lloyd asked for a motion to be made to eliminate the EVSTL Rules of Fair Play.  A motion was made by Max Bromwell LW and seconded by Mike Sisk, CM to eliminate the EVSTL Rules of Fair Play. All 16 clubs voted yes and the motion was carried.


Kline Wilson TP suggested that we make changes in our By-Laws as there are a couple of minor mentions to the Rules of Fair Play.  There is a reference in the By-Laws to the Rules of Fair Play.  Also the By-Laws just refer to the USTA Rules and not to the USTA Rules and Code.  President Gammon agreed and said that they would include that at the Fall Meeting on October 30, 2006.  After this discussion the motion was carried.


President Lloyd brought up the fact that a couple of Parks have so many 2.0 players that they will have to have 3 teams starting in November including CM.  Nancy felt that CM couldn’t have three teams with only 4 courts unless they have 2 shifts at CM.  There are 28 teams in the 2.0 division.  CM would like to have the second shift play at 1:00 P.M., but it would only affect the other Parks once a year.  The other park (VP) has enough courts that they can have their league play at 9:00 A.M.  This would only affect CM.  The only 1:00 P.M. match would be at CM.  XI C in the By-Laws will have to be changed to accommodate the growth of club’s members.    It was also suggested that the opposing team may be able to have the 1:00 CM team at their park to play at 9:00 A.M. After some discussion, Don Thompson SVE made a motion seconded by Neil Farlow MR and it was carried to allow CM to have their third 2.0 team play at 1:00 P.M.


Lloyd also discussed the fact that AW & SV refused to merge as one club, but they are willing to borrow each other’s players.  It was agreed to leave AW’s 3.0 team off the schedule for November and December.  Then if everything goes right and they have enough 3.0 players they will be put on the schedule in January.  SV will continue on with their 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 teams.  If they cannot get enough players for their teams, they will borrow players from AW or call a captain from another team if they’re sitting out. It will be up to the Captains to decide before if the match counts or if it is an exhibition match.  John Meyers from AW said he would greatly appreciate it if your Captains would call him at 830-7531 if you have any players sitting out and would like to play for AW.


A motion was made by Phoebe Hirschel RH and seconded that AW & SV to merge as one club.  After more discussion, Phoebe rescinded her motion as it was decided to let them continue as they are.


The Nominating Committee consisting of Mike Sisk, CM, Jack Williams, GV and Phebe Hirschel RH slated: President, Lloyd Gammon CM, Vice President, Ann Mykelby MV, Secretary/Treasurer, Huey Burk GV and Scheduler, Nancy Nicola VP.  There were no nominations from the floor.  This slate of officers for the EVSTL Board was unanimously accepted for the 2006-2007 season.


Comments from the Club Presidents:


VO will continue to start some of their League matches AT 8:00 or 8:30 A.M. as they have been doing for the last couple of years.


Jim Miller VDO brought up that SVE had a 4.0 player playing at 2.5 because of an injury and he was a ringer playing # 1.  It was discussed and decided that if an upper level player is injured, they should play down at their own level.


Ed DeWald VP has had some internal discussions what should be counted as league matches.   According to EVSTL By-Laws VI F where it says normal match play will consist of double teams only, then it says 2 women’s teams, 3 men’s teams and 1 mixed team.  At the 3.5 level, it says 3 men’s teams, 2 women’s teams, 3 mixed teams and at the 4.0 level it says 1 women’s teams and 2 men’s teams with no mention of a mixed doubles.  So if these are normal matches, are we counting them for play in the league at the mixed doubles or not and if we’re not why are the By-Laws calling them a normal match?  There is no # 1 match counted in a mixed doubles.  Each club is on their own and tries to give everyone on their team a chance to play.  A mixed match happens when you can’t match up a ladies team or a men’s team and a mixed match has never counted for # 1 stats.


We all play people up periodically.  Do any of those matches count at their current level for moving up?  Not as far as the league is concerned, but clubs do keep their own internal stats which is fine.  Each club is responsible to keep track of their people that are qualified to move up.


President Gammon pointed out that the By-Laws list normal team play but that is just a guide line as we never know what number of teams any club is going to have

at any given time due to illnesses, injuries etc. so don’t worry what the By-laws state.  The object is to play as many of your players as possible.   If your club has four courts, you should play 8 teams.


Ann Mykleby asked Carol Rice from Venture Out to explain how self-rated theory worked.  Carol said they consider all of their players to be human beings and have a brain so they figure that they know best where they belong.  They’ve been through where everyone wants to play # 1 and all the stuff that goes with it, Captains fighting this battle every week so we started self-rating.  It’s the way the USTA rate so Mary Lou and I thought we try it.  They can self-rate in the Spring only.  We’ve had 10 out of 270 players self rate.  We started this last Fall.  We’ve had 1 player go back to a previous level.  The rest have made it.  We allow them to self-rate in the Spring.  You have to maintain 35% during your first five matches in the Fall or you have to return to your previous level.  Everyone is happy and people are taking care of themselves. We’ve had several people who were going to self-rate and then changed their minds because they didn’t want to embarrass themselves. We’re very optimistic that this is going to take care of our problems.


League will start the first full week in November.  We’re going to play the 18th of December and then we will resume after New Year’s on Tuesday, January 2, 2007.


SVE is having their Tournament the same week as they did this year and SSV will follow.


VP Ann announced that there will be a 1.5 Captain’s meeting on November 16, 2006 in the Ballroom at Venture Out at 4:00 P.M.


Henri Rochette said that he will put all of the clubs information on the EVSTL website. He also brought some information sheets for people that have problems with their AOL so they can receive their messages from the President’s and 4.0 email group.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by


  Patti Hillstrom

EVSTL Secretary/Treasurer