Officers 2004-2005


Les Renn (Sunland Spring Village) 807-9530 lrenn@cox.net
11360 E. Keats Ave., #32  Mesa, AZ   85212    

Vice President

Lloyd Gammon (VP)
(Carriage Manor)
986-6652   ygammon@juno.com
  7750 East Broadway Road,  Mesa, AZ 85208


Pattie Hillstrom 641-0853 bphills77@hotmail.com
111 South Greenfield Rd., Lot # 326, Mesa, AZ 85206    
Schedule Nancy Nicola (Viewpoint) 373-0555 nnicola@yahoo.com
E-Mail Coordinator Henri Rochette (Valle Del Oro) 357-5518 LouiseRochette@yahoo.com
1.5 Coordinator Esther Emmott (Venture Out) 807-9019 bandee11@hotmail.com






1:OO P.M.


President Les Renn call the meeting to order and introduced himself, as a resident of Tower Point but will be moving to Sunland Springs Village in the near future. Lloyd Gammon, Vice President, Carriage Manor and Patti Hillstrom, Secretary/Treasurer, Greenfield Village. He then asked all the Presidents and League coordinators to introduce themselves and guests with them.  

All of the Club’s representatives were present with the exception of Trilogy.

In addition to our officers, Les introduced Nancy Nicola, Viewpoint, and our scheduler.  Esther Emmott, Venture Out, 1.5 Coordinator. Henri Rochette, VDO, our E-mail Coordinator and then went around the room so everyone could introduce themselves.  

The motion was made by Don Kovan, AW and it was seconded by Max Bromell, LW to accept the minutes from last Spring’s meeting without reading them. Patti then read the Treasurer’s report made by Cathy Idso showing a balance on hand $50.27.  The report was approved.  $160.00 in club dues was collected on 10-26-2004 bringing our total to $210.27.  Expenses for the fall meeting came to $45.00 with a current balance of $165.27 as of 10-27-2004.  A full report is on file.

  Les then called for a ten-minute break so all the parks could pick up their information and schedules.  Parks also paid Patti their club dues for 2004-05 season.

  Les called the meeting back to order. 

  Les informed us that Ted Mann from Trilogy said that they didn’t have enough tennis players and asked not to be included in the EVSTL this season.  Ted Mann called again last week and said they had a tennis meeting and they voted not to join our league.  So Trilogy is not in our league at this time.

  New Business:

 Lil Samlaska, TP asked if scorekeepers are required for the 3.5 league play.  Discussion followed and it’s in our by-laws under Section IX, G 3. “Provide on court scorekeepers for each match. (Optional for add-on or extra matches).  Scorekeepers will NOT make any line calls or referee rulings.”  It doesn’t say that the 3.5 players have the option.  So right across the board let’s have scorekeepers for everyone. 

Larry Wanke, VP said that their 4.0 players would like new balls for each match instead of for every 2 matches. Discussion followed. The by-laws say they can be used for 2 matches, but as a park function you can provide new balls for each match if the captains agree.

Nancy Nicola made a motion to have the fall meeting a week earlier.  Seconded by Don Kovan.  Discussion followed. 10 voted to leave the meeting at the same time.  6 voted to make it a week earlier.  Motion carried to keep the fall meeting at the same time.

Roy Berg, Silveridge said they were light on 3.0 ladies and heavy on men.  They could they have 1 ladies team and 2 men’s teams.   According to our by-laws, they qualify to have one team only.

Henri Rochette informed us to download the files on the internet.  Click on file, save as, edit and print it. Henri also asked anyone interested to email him at Hrochette@iquebec.com.

To be inscribed in the EVSTL Tennis president Egroup at:


and to access the EVSTL Web Page:


Remember whatever you write to this group everyone has access to it so if you want to send a private email to someone use their personal email listed.  Please use this site for league business only.

 It was requested to have the minutes of the March 30, 2004 put on the web site.  Henri said we would post it.

Ann Mykleby, MV made a motion, seconded by Jerry Oliver, GV to have all the schedules turned into Nancy Nicola by

October 15th.  Motion Carried.

Max Bromell would like to have a rule added to our By-laws Section 7 to clarify who qualifies a 4.0 player at the end of the year for a merging player from another park.   Les said that we will take this up at our spring meeting in March Max would like us to make a decision # 1.  Who’s going to rate the 4.0 players from two merging Parks?  Example: LW with MR.

And # 2. How are they going to play?  Lloyd Gammon, CM said that they have to take all of the players on the team and the evaluation is done by the individual parks.  There is no picking and choosing who they want.

 Nancy Nicola went over the schedules with every one to call to their attention the changes that have been made on the revised 10-22-04 sheets. 

On the 4.0 schedule, Jack Rinaldo decided last week that he didn’t have enough players to make two 4.0 teams at VO so we’re going to have one VO 4.0 team until Jack gets enough players.  So there is a bye for team VO # 8 until Jack gets more players.

Les called attention to the 4.0 Team # 2, RH, TP. SSV.  This is a new 4.0 team that was just voted in last week.

Nancy asked whenever the parks do their club information sheets in the Spring, get things as organized as possible especially the correct phone numbers for people would be a great help to her.

Janine Mullinnix, SSV asked if she could bring a 3.0 player from their other 3.0 team before she brings up a 2.5.  Yes. But the borrowed player’s statistics shouldn’t count, as she isn’t playing for her own team.  Play the equal players whenever possible to keep the level of competition equal.  You can even have a player from the opposing team play for your team in available.

Esther Emmott reminded everyone that 11-18th at 4:00 P.M. is a meeting for the 1.5’s Team Captains or representative from every park at Venture Out in the Class Room which is upstairs where the ballroom used to be.

Nancy Nicola said if there are any changes to the 1.5 schedule you have to send them to her by December 5th as she is going home for Christmas.

Becky Butler, VDO, had a question about playing her # 1 Players in other positions besides # 1 if they have to play more than 1 match.  Les said they can play the other matches but they wouldn’t count.  The object is for everyone to play and to have fun.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted by


Patti Hillstrom

Sec./Treas. EVSTL




1:00 P.M.



President Les Renn called the meeting to order and gave some time for the in coming Club Presidents and League Coordinators to introduce themselves and guests. Les introduced Larry & Debra from Sun American Mortgage, owned by Farnsworth.  They furnished the mugs today and Les said he would let them have a couple minutes of our time later.   

  All 16 clubs involved in the EVSTL were present, Apache Wells, Carriage Manor, Greenfield, Leisure World, Mesa Regal, Monte Vista, Roadhaven, Silveridge, Sunland Springs Village, Sunland Village, Sunland Village East, The Resort, Towerpoint, Valle Del Oro, Venture Out and Viewpoint.

  Motion was made by Ann Mykleby and seconded and approved to accept and not to have the Minutes read from last Fall’s EVSTL meeting as they are posted on our Website.

  The Treasurer’s Report was approved as read by Patti showing a balance on hand 3/39/05 is $63.48 and will also be posted on our Website.  After the meeting, another $5.50 was turned in for copy expenses from Les and Patti which gives us a total Balance on hand as of 3-29-2005 of $57.98.

  Les then introduced the current EVSTL board Vice President, Lloyd Gammon, CM, Sec/Treas., Patti Hillstrom, GF, Scheduler, Nancy Nicola, VP, 1.5 Coordinator, Esther Emmott, VO and our Web Site & E-mail Coordinator, Henri Rochette, VDO.


  The first thing that was discussed if the 4.0’s would play on Mondays or Thursdays.  Ann Mykleby, MV made a motion that the EVSTL play schedule be as follows: Monday 3.5, Tuesday 2.0, Wednesday 3.0, Thursday 4.0 & 1.5 playing on alternate weeks and Friday 2.5.  Jim Crofoot, MR seconded the motion. The question was called and the vote went as follows: 


MV – YES, RH – NO, SR – YES, SSV – YES, SV – NO, SVE – NO,


  The Motion passed 8 – 6, 2 Abstained for the 4.0’s to play on Thursdays alternating the first start time every week with the 1.5’s.

  Dale Bowen VP made a motion and it was seconded for the 4.0 Thursday play take effect starting in 2006 instead of October 2005 to give the 4.0’s a chance to rearrange their schedules. 

  More discussion followed and Lloyd Gammon assured the smaller 4.0 teams would be able to borrow players from the bigger parks if needed.  The vote went as follows.



  The motion failed with 3 abstaining, 5-8.  The 4.0’s and 1.5’s will start playing on Thursdays effective when we return to league play in November 2005. 

  President Les called for the vote to allow Apache Wells in the EVSTL with a conditional membership as they only have 40 tennis club members with 2 teams.  A 2.0 & 3.0.    Ann Mykleby recommended they consider joining up with another club next year.  Phebe Hirschel, RH made a motion and it was seconded to allow AW to remain in the EVSTL for another season.  All 16 clubs voted unanimously to let them remain in the league.




Under the designation of the Nominating Committee members (VDO, MV, SSV, TR & MR), they recommended Lloyd Gammon, President, Ann Mykleby, Vice President, Patti Hillstrom, Sec/Tres.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Jim Crofoot MR made the motion to accept the nominations. Judy Menish VDO seconded the motion.  It was unanimously accepted to have us as your incoming EVSTL Board for the 2005-06 season.

  Ann Mykleby MV made a motion to amend the By-Law VI-E that all Parks must start their EVSTL matches at 9:00 A.M. with the exceptions of those parks whose rules require a start time at 9:30 A.M.   The motion was seconded.  It passed with 15 parks voting for it and Silveridge abstained.

  President Les called for a 5-minute break to enjoy a soda or a cup of coffee and carrot cake to celebrate the League’s 25th Anniversary and to  pick up their copies of the Clubs Information sheets.

  Regarding ByLawVI L-3.  A player may be a member of only one team.

  Phebe Hirschel RH made a motion and it was seconded that stats do not count with a borrowed player in the # one position.  Any other position is your call if it is okay with the other Captain. The vote went as follows:

  AW – YES, CM – NO, GV – NO, LW – YES, MR – YES, MV – NO, RH – YES, SR – NO, SSV – NO, SV  - YES, SVE – NO, TR – NO, TP – YES, VDO – YES, VO – NO, VP – NO.  The motion failed 7-9.

It’s your call if you want these stats to count.                       

  Ann Mykleby MV made a motion to make a revision to Bylaw VI L-3 A:

 A player cannot be borrowed to play in the # 1 position.  Pierre Pilon TR  seconded the motion.  The vote went as follows:




  The motion passed 11-3 and 2 abstained.

  Les gave Larry from Sun America Mortgage owned by Farnsworth the floor.  After awhile, Ann Mykleby politely announced that some of us had other meetings to attend yet and maybe if any one was interested they could talk to them after the meeting.

  Dale Bowen VP made a motion seconded by Phebe Hirschel RH to eliminate in our By-Laws the 60% of games won to move up at the end of the season. The vote went as follows: 

  AW – YES, CM – NO, GV – NO, LW – YES, MR - NO, MV – NO, RH – YES, SR – NO, SSV – NO SV – YES, SVE – YES, TR – NO, TP – NO, VDO – NO, VO –YES, VP – YES. 

  The Motion lost 7-9 so the 60% of games won stays in our Bylaws.

  Mike Sisk, CM made a motion that we count Tiebreakers as 7-5 giving the winner a 2 game gap.  It was seconded by Al Sondergard SVE. The motion failed 2-14.  CM & SVE voted yes and the other 14 parks voted no.  Tiebreakers will remain as a 7-6 count.

  Ken Wilmon CM couldn’t be at the meeting but asked Les to make a motion for him that in ByLaw VII B-3 that the word “should” be changed to “must” regarding move-ups.  Mike Sisk CM seconded the motion.  CM, VO & VP voted yes and the other 13 parks voted no.  The motion failed 3-13 and the word should remains as presently written.

   Max Bromwell LW brought up the subject ByLaw VII E.  He feels the home park should have the right to evaluate their player if they belong on a 3.5 or 4.0 team in another park.  Also, the merging team should take all of the players at that level from one park.  They should not be able to pick and chose who they want from the Parks that don’t have their own team at that level.  It was agreed to table this matter until the Fall meeting so everyone could think about it over the summer.

 Cal Walters GV brought up the question of how many # 1 teams etc you could have each week.  After some discussion, it was agreed to leave it up to the Captains discretion.  Our goal is to let everyone play and have fun.

 Dale Bowen VP commented how their Park has raised money for the Cancer Society and will post it on the Web Site in case other parks would like to have a fundraiser.

 League starts 11-07-2005.

 Kline Wilson, TP made a motion to prohibit sales pitches at the EVSTL meetings. Nancy Nicola VP seconded it.  This passed unanimously.

 Incoming President Lloyd Gammon CM gave an inspiring speech about less emphasis on the stats and have quality captains to make sure they have good competitive matches so that every one gets a chance to go out and play and have fun.

 Incoming VP, Ann Mykleby MV and Patti Hillstrom, GV and Henri Rochette, E-Mail Coordinator added their comments. You should be able to find anything you need at our website: http://www.geocities.com/evstl. 
You can write to EVSTL officials as a group at:


Lloyd also commented that we are looking for a home for the 3.5 players from Silveridge.  Please email Lloyd  (ygammon@juno.com) if there are any 3.5’s or 4.0’s that need a home.

  Lloyd also changed the Fall meeting to 4:00 P.M., October 27, 2005 in the Social Hall at Carriage Manor.

Nancy Nicola will put out a temporary schedule ASAP.  She would like you take a look at it and get any changes to her this summer so she could distribute it at the Fall meeting.  She can do revisions after the 27th but it would be nice to have it correct right of way.  A motion was made seconded and passed unanimously to have the meeting then and to get this info to Nancy.

 Les thanked everyone for letting him be our President and to have a nice summer and was looking forward to seeing every one this Fall.

 The meeting adjourned at 310 P.M.

 Respectfully submitted by


Patti Hillstrom

Sec./Treas. EVSTL