2003-2004 EVSTL Minutes of Spring Meeting, March 30, 2004

President Harry Feigleson called the meeting to order with all club's representatives present, with the exception of Trilogy Community. Several clubs introduced their guests who were present.

Trilogy Community requested membership in EVSTL, however at this date there has been some question if there are adequate players desiring participation. President elect, Les Renn, will contact Ted Mann from Trilogy to access their situation.

The minutes from the October 28, 2003 meeting were approved. The Treasurer's report: Balance on hand 4/11/03: $42.41.  Club dues collected 10/28/03: $160.00, Expenses for Fall meeting $52.27, Balance on hand 11/1/03: $150.14.  Expenses during season '03-04':$29.83 leaving a 3/30/04 balance: $120.31. A full report is on file.

Vice President, Les Renn, reported on the 1/26/04 meeting for 4.0 playing time. The Committee's vote of 5 votes for, 2 votes against and 1 vote abstain to maintain the schedule of 3.5 and 4.0 play on Mondays. A motion was made and seconded to reject the report of the 1/29/04 meeting. Ann Mykelby of MV reviewed the history of the 3.5 and 4.0 levels which shows an increase in membership. After further discussion, the motion to reject the Committee's report was defeated. Therefore, playing days remain: Monday 3.5 & 4.0, Tuesday 2.0, Wednesday 3.0, Thursday 1.5,& Friday 2.5.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to continue Apache Wells Conditional Membership for the 2004-2005 league playing.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to permit Roadhaven to play three 3.0 league teams on their 4 courts. On days when 2 of the 3.0 teams are at home, one team will play early (8:30 AM) and one team will be playing heir league matches late (11AM). The vote: 8 Clubs yes, 7 Clubs against.

All clubs were once again reminded to utilize all available players at a given league level before bringing up a lower level player for league match play.

The proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws were considered and voted on per item. The newly revised Constitution and By-Laws are attached to the minutes. Subsequent to the adoption of the new move-up criteria in Article VII.B.3, it was agreed at Position 1 that a set tiebreaker would score the games as 6-7 and a match tiebreaker would not be scored as a game, but as a match win.

The designated Advisory Committee to serve the 2004-2005 season is LW, MR, MV, Rh, SR. This Committee is selected on an alphabetical rotation order of clubs and will meet to revise the Fair Play document and submit a draft copy to the fall meeting.

The expansion of the E-mail Group to include Club Team Captains was tabled until the fall meeting. The EVSTL Web Site is not for league documents. This site can be used for other items. Harry will check about placing a disclaimer on this web site.

Ken Willmon, Chairman of the Nominating Committee reported the following:

Pres: Les Renn, Tower Point,

V.P.: Lloyd Gammon, Carriage Manor,

Sec./Treas.: Patti Hillstrom, Greenfield.

A motion was made and seconded to cast a unanimous ballot for the nominees.

It was annouced that the SSV Mixed Doubles Tournament will be held March 21-26, 2005 which is following the SVE Men's and Women's Tournament on March 14-19, 2005. There will be no conflict with regular League scheduled play.

Thank yous were expressed to current officers and scheduler. It was suggested that clubs condense club rosters to 1 page for ease of handling. A complete Captain and Co-Captain report should be prepared and The Fall meeting will be held 10/26/04 at 1 PM at Tower Point.

Cathy Idso, Secretary, Treasurer, March 30, 2004.