2001-02 New Officers: Dan Tuchenhagen, TR, Pres.; Chuck Sondergaard, SVE, Vice Pres.; Shirley Goebel, CM, Secy/Treas.

1. Corrected conflict between By-laws and Rules of Fair Play of player move up requirement.

2. A majority of the clubs favor continuing mixed doubles play.

3. Gary Cook (Greenfield) is the 1.5 coordinator.

4. Representatives of VO and VDO presented their methods of choosing teams.

5. SSV will host a mixed doubles tournament the week of March 11th.

6. SVE tourney is the week of March 18th.

7. Mountain Brooke Village has expressed an interest in joining EVSTL. Their representatives have copies of EVSTL By-laws and guidelines.

8. New 1.5 guidelines adopted.

9. Added an injured player policy to the By-laws and Rules of Fair Play.

10. Reduced the minimum number of women on a 3.5 team to four.

11. Reduced the move down requirement percentage to 25% of games played.

12. Only full season Match Play Log Summaries will be required in the future. The December submission requirement was dropped.

13. Scheduler Nancy Nicola is training Larry Warnke, VP, to be her assistant.